ROA Loyalty Reward is a program that rewards our clients and prospective client for shopping and being a part of our community. You earn points when you shop, subscribe to our newsletters, and/or give reviews.

You also earn points when you refer your friends and family to shop with us. For every 500 points you have collected, you will receive a coupon of 10,000 Naira which will be credited to your ROA Circle Account upon an email request.

1 Point

Earn as you buy!

You earn a point for each naira spent

N1,000 = 1pt

30 Points

Create an account

Subscribe to our newsletter

Birthday Points

You earn points on your birthday!
Points are automatically saved to your account.

25 Points

Write a review!

You earn points when you review an item purchased by you.

20 Points

Refer friends to purchase as well!



 Gold TierPlatinum TierDiamond Tier
Points per 12-month period1 - 749750 - 14991500
Earn points as you shop1 point per N1,000 spent1 point per N1,000 spent1 point per N1,000 spent
Free Domestic ShippingOn orders 100,000 naira or moreNo minimum purchaseNo minimum purchase
Earn points on your birthday100100100
Early access to new products⦿⦿⦿
Exclusive discount days⦿⦿⦿
Complimentary gift boxing⦿⦿
One extra discount day5%10%
Access to limited edition goods⦿⦿
Complimentary Customization⦿
Special birthday gift⦿
Invitation to exclusive ROA events⦿



ROA Circle (the ‘Program”) is an exclusive loyalty program designed specially to reward. This program allows you to earn points, redeem rewards, receive member exclusive gifts and promotions, and the latest ROA news on products and services. Signing up to this program is free.
How to start earning points?
You can start earning by creating an account with us providing all necessary information required. You earn when you connect with us on your social channels and refer your friends and family to purchase from us. Please refer (link) to see how to earn.
How can I access my ROA Circle account?
You can access your account through our website by clicking on ROA Circle and signing in to “my account”.
How do I become a Platinum or Diamond member and what is the validity of my tier status?
To move up to the Platinum Tier, you will need to earn accumulated points of 750 within 12 months of becoming a Gold Tier member. To move up to the Diamond Tier, you will need to earn accumulated points of 1,500 within 12-months of becoming a Diamond Tier Member Status. Your status on each tier is valid for a 12-month period after your most recent purchase or activity on your account.
Do my points expire?
Yes, the points will expire after 12 months of inactivity on your account. Inactivity is as a result of you not earning or redeeming your earned points.
How do I redeem my points?

For every 500 points, you will receive N5,000 which will be credited to your ROA Circle account. You can redeem whenever you want; simply click "Redeem" on the reward detail page, then follow the checkout instructions. We will send you an email as soon as your transaction is complete.

We will mail any physical rewards to the address you provided.

Is there a limit to number of points I can earn?
No, you can earn as much as you can. Please note that your points expire a year after your most recent purchase.
What happens if I (or a friend I refer) cancel(s) or return(s) my/their order?
Unfortunately, your pending points will be cancelled and deducted from your balance.
What happens if I redeem a reward and then return that purchase? Do I get my reward/points back?
Unfortunately, points that have been used cannot be reissued.
Why should I join the mailing list?

For every time you read our newsletter, you get some points. You also stay connected and up to date on new reward opportunities, exclusive events, product launches and more. It is our way of staying connected with you about the wonderful world of Elite Rewards.

Please feel free to contact us via email for further assistance.


  1. Membership is nontransferable and is subject to present and future terms and conditions.
  2. ROA Circle Membership, its rewards and benefits are offered at the discretion of ROA Handcrafted. The company may at any cancel, change, redefine, terminate, or limit the loyalty reward program, its benefits, or guidelines without prior notice.
  3. Upon termination of membership for any reason, all points are lost, regardless of how they were acquired by member.
  4. Points and program rewards may only be redeemed once the member has filled in all the required profile information have been completed during signing up.
  5. Earnings from purchases will be credited to your ROA Circle account within the next 72 hours from purchase date, Earnings are based on points earned during purchases or other qualifying activities.
  6. A member cannot transfer or give your membership or points to anyone else.
  7. If an ordered item(s) is returned, the earnings from that purchase will be deducted from reward balance.

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