How does the Reward, Loyalty And Membership Program work?

Our loyalty points program is where you create your own form of currency that you can build up and spend at will when you reach a certain threshold.

You save 10 points out of every N1000 you spend. After you have spent up to N300,000, you will be awarded a gift certificate and you will earn 3000 ROA points. This gift certificate will give you 3.5% on every order above N100,000

N1000 is equal to 10 ROA Coins (RC). You need to earn 300,000 RC, which is worth N3000, before you can redeem your coins. There are also other ways of earning ROAHandcrafted Coins.

  1. Subscribe/Signup = 1,000 ROA Points
  2. Celebrate a birthday = 1,500 ROA Points
  3. Like our Facebook page = 500 Roa Points
  4. Follow our Instagram Page = 2000 Points

YOU NEED TO BE SIGNED IN FOR REWARDS TO APPLY.  Always sign in before checking out.

For rewards to become active for your consequent orders, please sign up.


When you refer a friend, you get a reward of 500 ROA Points and they also get a gift card of 500 Points.

Terms and Conditions: 

  • ROA Coins are only valid for website transactions. You cannot redeem your ROA coins outside of the website; that means if you place your order via Whatsapp or any other means, you do not earn any ROA coins. You will also not be able to redeem any coins earned from purchasing on the website on any other platform.
  • Customers must enter their birthday at least 30 days in advance to be rewarded. You can only redeem a birthday gift once a year.
  • Your friend needs to spend a minimum of N200,000 to redeem her/his gift coupon. You also need to spend a minimum of N300,000 to redeem your coupon.
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