Every story has a beginning.

Founded in 2018, ROA Handcrafted is a collection of exquisitely handcrafted goods and accessories for clientele who value quality, sophistication and style.

ROA Handcrafted was birthed from a strong passion to create a brand that harnesses creativity and enables social impact. This journey of creativity began on the founder’s visit to Northern Nigeria where she saw an opportunity to add value to the incomes of subsistence livestock farmers in the region. Poor farmers were breeding their livestock for the purpose of selling fresh meat for consumption while they manufactured low quality small leather goods using the skins from these animals, and the income generated from these practices were barely covering their livelihood needs. After brief research, she engaged with some of them to discuss the opportunity to continuously engage them in ways that are both profitable and beneficial to them.

This partnership proffered solutions that resulted to increase in their income and led to the creation of our company – they were introduced to the use of traditional techniques and modern techniques to enhance the quality of their leather goods while supplying us with exotic skins from their farm produce.


ROA Handcrafted is a company offering ready-to-use and bespoke options for the truly discerning individual seeking true distinction. Our fascination with quality raw materials, hides, and skins merged with exquisite craftsmanship, guarantees our creed – Handcraft Excellence.

Our products are designed for individuals that transcend fashion norms to interpret strength and self-confidence; individuals that dare to be different. Our designs are bold, colorful, unique, and exquisitely crafted.

Although crafted in Nigeria, each ROA Handcrafted piece is handcrafted to perfection by our well-experienced artisans, a process that requires skilled investment. The authenticity of each of our piece speaks for itself. Through our bespoke customization service, our customers can leverage us to deliver the ultimate luxury gift for them, and their loved ones on that special occasion.


Each process is executed with integrity and without compromise of our value which is excellence in all we do. All our products are designed for practicality and longevity as we have recognized the need for excellent craftsmanship, functionality, and high-quality materials. We create each piece with the thought that it may be passed down to other generations to come.


  • Design and Conceptualization

    The journey of each of our pieces begins with a design and conceptualization. We design each piece for functionality, and longevity while making it fashionably sophisticated.

  • Sourcing and Leather Processing

    After designing, we source for high quality hardware accessories to combine with the fine leather and exotic skins that are supplied by our partners from the northern Nigeria to bring our conceptualization to life.

  • Craftsmanship

    Each design is brought to life through the excellent craftsmanship of our artisans. This process involves our artisans handcrafting each piece through hand dyeing, cutting, assembling, and stitching the leather/skin elements to perfection. Each piece is completed by one artisan from start to finish.

    To own a ROA item is to own a leather product that has been a part of a remarkable manufacturing journey with passion and dedication at the heart of the process from start to finish.


Oluwabukola Ariyo is the Founder and Creative Director of ROA Handcrafted. A dream she has always nurtured for years.

Her passion to create something for herself drove her to take a break from paid employment and pursue an MBA Degree at the prestigious Lagos Business School. It was during this journey that she developed her entrepreneurial skills and launched her first business, Hula Collections by ROA (a business that empowers women from Northern Nigeria to produce indigenous woven caps). Although this began as an entrepreneurship project during her MBA program, it has grown to become a successful business.

During one of her visits to the northern part of Nigeria in 2017, she discovered the opportunity that gave birth to ROA Handcrafted. From that moment, ROA handcrafted has designed and crafted exquisite leather goods using exotic skins, genuine leather, and luxe accessories for its sophisticated clientele around the world.

She is passionate about growing a successful and sustainable business, that she hopes would outlive her and become a heritage for the generations to come.


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