ROA Handcrafted is a collection of exquisitely handcrafted goods and accessories for the edgy woman with a stylishly bold persona. Our fascination with quality raw materials, hides and skin merged with a heritage of imperial craftsmanship dating over a hundred years, guarantees our creed - Handcraft excellence, truly imperial. Our leather materials are uniquely selected from amongst some of the finest collections from around Africa and Europe.

Our collection includes women’s and men’s leather bags, accessories and leather goods. Each piece is handcrafted to perfection. Through our bespoke customization service, our customers can leverage us to deliver the ultimate luxury gift for their loved ones on that special occasion.

To own an ROA item is to own a leather product that has been a part of a remarkable manufacturing journey with passion and dedication at the heart of the process from start to finish.

Founded in 2018, we are a company offering ready-to-use and bespoke options for the truly discerning individual seeking true distinction. Every style is handmade, a process that requires skilled investment; one handbag alone can take about twenty-four to twenty-six hours on average to make.

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